Jeffie's Choice Mission

Jeffie's Choice was founded with the pledge to end hunger within local communities. Inspired by a mother's determination to make the world a better place for everyone, we make a difference by providing hope and nourishment to those in need.



Jeffie's Choice is a nonprofit organization created in memory of Jennifer "Jeffie" Ann Moss Johnson. Jeffie was passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As an active runner who competed in multiple races, it was essential for her to maintain a healthy diet. While health and nutrition were a big part of her life, she wanted to instill these values in other's lives as well.

Another big part of Jeffie's life was aiding the less fortunate. Through her experiences volunteering in drug rehab facilities and awareness programs, to being extremely involved in her local church, she found her niche; cooking for others.

Jeffie had compassion for those individuals who were in need of support. Often times, she would invite them to her home for a healthy, family meal.

Jeffie's passion for cooking, family, and giving back inspired her to cook at a restaurant called Fannie's on Broadway in Oklahoma. Here, she was able to experiment in the kitchen and frequently offered free meals to those in need of food.

Tragically taken from the world in 1987, her legacy will live on through Jeffie's Choice and those who support her mission of helping the less fortunate.


Jeffie’s Choice was founded by Jennifer Ann Moss Johnson‘s three children; Josh Johnson, Elizabeth Rohme, and Sandra Lowe. Elizabeth states, “The initial concept of Jeffie’s Choice came from our brother, Josh. When he first told me about his idea I felt elated. I knew that this would be something that my mom would have been so proud of. Giving to others in need when she had little herself was something that came naturally to her, and one of her many passions was cooking, so I knew right away that this was a cause that would have been close to her heart.  Being able to take that initial idea and see it grow, and think about how many people it will touch in the future is an amazing venture.”  While Josh and Elizabeth reside in Maryland, Sandy is located in Oklahoma. Through Jeffie’s Choice they can stay connected and be hands on in each of their local communities honoring their mother’s passions.