Our Local Approach

At Jeffie’s Choice, we know the biggest impact can be made through even the smallest of actions. We operate by the principle that the best way to solve the nation’s hunger problem is to roll up our sleeves and focus our efforts in local communities.

Jeffie’s Choice works with volunteers throughout the country by matching them with local accredited food banks, soup kitchens, and other food-oriented programs that need assistance. We understand that people are eager to get involved in their communities and that researching accredited organizations can be time-consuming and intimidating. That’s why we work to pair volunteers with local associations in their neighborhoods that they will be proud to be a part of. This allows individuals to see how their time is positively impacting those around them.

Jeffie’s Choice also ensures that all monetary donations are sent directly to food programs which are local to the donor. Donor’s funds will be disbursed to a program in their area based on the information provided with their donation.