Mariner Finance HQ: Maryland Food Bank Volunteer Event

Thanks to their partnership with Jeffie’s Choice, Mariner Finance HQ employees recently spent the afternoon on Monday, June 13th volunteering their time at the Maryland Food Bank. Located right near Baltimore, the Maryland Food Bank donates roughly 44 million meals each year throughout 21 counties in Maryland. Our volunteers spent their time packing food into boxes for the My Groceries to Go! program, which provides low-income seniors with the food they need to stay healthy and nutritious. These monthly supply boxes include fruits and veggies as well as pasta, cereal, soup, milk, juice, and canned goods. Volunteers formed an assembly line to pack the boxes, ensuring that each box received the proper amounts of food and were ready to ship off to various pick-up locations. All of our volunteers had a great time! Mariner Finance is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Maryland Food Bank to help serve our community.

Wishing you could get involved, too? Here at Jeffie’s Choice, we work to pair volunteers with accredited organizations such as the Maryland Food Bank. We know it can be overwhelming to want to help or volunteer but not know where to start. If you’re passionate about ending hunger and want to know where you can make a difference, simply email and we will put you in contact with a credible food bank or other association that needs an extra set of hands.